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Nerve Repair & Reconstruction, Atlas of the Hand Clinics
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Published by: Elsevier

Edited by: David J. Slutsky, MD

This exciting issue on nerve repair includes chapters on neurosensory testing, methodology of nerve repair, vascularized nerve repairs, all kinds of neurosensory flaps and allografts. Great artwork.


    1. Neurosensory Testing Following Nerve Repair/Compression (Dellon)
    2. Electrodiagnostic Studies in Hand Surgery (Slutsky)
    3. Methods of Primary Nerve Repair – Suture and Sutureless (Diao)
    4. Methods and Results of Nerve Grafting (Allan)
    5. Nerve Grafting – Practical Considerations (Slutsky)
    6. Vascularized Nerve Grafts – Free and Pedicled (Terzis)
    7. Nerve Guidance Channels – Synthetic Tubes (Strauch)
    8. Autogenous Vein Grafts (Chiu)
    9. Pedicled Neurosensory Flaps (Slutsky)
    10. Free Neurosensory Flaps (Lee)
    11. Nerve Allografts (Evans)


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