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Nerve Grafting in the Upper Extremity DVD
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Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

By: David J. Slutsky MD, FRCS(C)

“Nerve Grafting in the Upper Extremity" provides a comprehensive look at the current state of nerve reconstruction. The sections include a brief history of nerve repair, the nerve's response to injury, the clinical examination including quantitative sensory testing, the biochemical and biomechanical considerations for nerve repair as well as a step by step approach to the methodology of grafting. The rehabilitation following nerve reconstruction as well as the expected outcomes are discussed in detail. This DVD features over 15 surgical video examples of median, ulnar, radial and digital nerve grafting. A bonus section features short discussions and video examples of new directions in nerve reconstruction including nerve conduits, end to side repairs and sensory and motor nerve transfers. This DVD is an invaluable teaching tool for both the entry level nerve surgeon as well as the seasoned operator. Run time: 56 mins. 

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