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ASSH DVD Library #7: Other Joints
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Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Track 1. The Treatment of Unstable Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Fractures: How to Apply and Use a Dynamic Mini-external Fixator. Joseph F. Slade III, MD; Scott W. Wolfe, MD; Andrew Gutow, MD (17:30) * Unstable fracture dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal joint are difficult to treat and often lead to recurrent dislocation resulting in pain and stiffness. Robertson, in 1946, advocated traction in the treatment of these fractures. But Schenk, concerned about stiffness, added early passive motion to the treatment regimen using a hermoplastic hand splint. Recently, multiple authors have reported good results using mini-external fixators. This video describes the indications and application of a dynamic traction internal fixator. The anatomy of the PIP joint and the pathophysiology of the fracture is discussed. Indications for dynamic traction splinting and early active motion are described. Detailed construction of the mini-external fixator is demonstrated in a cadaveric lab and in the operating room. A clinical case illustrates the fixator and the post-op therapy protocol. Produced in 1996 by Joseph F. Slade III, MD, Scott W. Wolfe, MD, and Andrew Gutow, MD.

Track 2. A Lateral Collateral Preserving Approach for Surgical Correction of the Stiff Elbow. Hill Hastings II, MD; Mark S. Cohen, MD (26:00) * This video presents the method for contracture release and elbow debridement for correction of extension deficit due to posterior bony abutment and anterior capsular contracture along with the correction of flexion deficit secondary to anterior bony impingement and posterior contracture.

Track 3. Precision Oblique Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy Using the ROS System. John M. Rayhack, MD (25:00)

Track 4. Radial Carpal Arthroscopy: Technique and Comparison to Arthrography. James H. Roth, MD (30:00) * This video presents


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