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ASSH DVD Library #13: 2008 Collection
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Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

This DVD Collection includes:

  • "Vascular Joint Transpantation for Radial Club Hand" by Prof. Simo K. Vikki, MD, PhD
  • "Percutaneous Fixation of Displaced Scaphoid Fractures" by Greg Merrell, MD and Joseph F. Slade, III, MD
  • "The Krukenberg Procedure for Children" by John F. Lawrence, MD and Hugh Watts, MD
  • "Techniques in Hand Surger: Flexor Origin Slide Using the Extender Ulnar Approach" by Murtaza Rizvi, MD, Brian Bille, MD, Mike Lehoang, MD, and Michael Pitzakis, MD
  • "Lateral Epicondylar Osteotomy for Enhanced Lateral Elbow Exposure" by Rick F. Papandrea, MD

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