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ASSH DVD Library #12: Dupuytren's Disease
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Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

Edited by: Ghazi Rayan, MD

This comprehensive presentation of Dupuytren’s Disease (DD) is organized into nine chapters featuring:

1. History 2. Pathophysiology 3. Etiology 4. Epidemiology 5. Clinical presentation 6. Anatomy 7. Pathology 8. Treatment 9. Complications

It includes more than 200 detailed illustrations and figures—including anatomical specimens, surgical procedures and clinical results. Each of the last five chapters is followed by live video footage of related material. These encompass detailed anatomical dissection of all components of the palmar fascia, various pathologic palmar and digital cords and surgical procedures pertaining to primary and recurrent DD cases.

This DVD:

  • Provides established hand surgeons and students of hand surgery at all levels a wealth of information that elucidates the basic molecular biology and the process of transforming normal anatomic structures into pathologic tissue.
  • Facilitates diagnosing the different clinical types of DD and discusses management principles nonoperative and surgical including various surgical techniques.
  • Incorporates technical pearls that aid in performing the difficult surgical dissection of complex and recurrent cases.
  • Presents rehabilitation methods for restoring hand function after surgery.
  • Discusses surgical complications—including tips for their prevention and treatment.
  • Viewers will acquire thorough knowledge, understanding and appreciation of this enigmatic disease and possess the necessary tools for improving its treatment outcome.

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